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Employee satisfaction can be a core enabler of organisational performance and wellbeing, and the growth of hybrid working has made it harder for leaders to know how their teams are doing. allows leaders to gather critical, anonymous data on team morale, creating a safe platform for staff to communicate and an opportunity for leaders to help their employees thrive.

Emoji mood indicator icons allow group members to quickly respond how their day has been with the option to leave additional comments allows members to share additional feedback. Feedback is then collated by the app and shared with leaders anonymously to provide invaluable insight into the overall morale of their teams. Always know how your team are doing, with

Easily Monitor Employee Wellbeing makes it easy to track employee morale, allowing leaders to identify and address potential issues.

Receive Anonymous Feedback

Employee responses to are anonymous, providing employees with a platform to submit honest and constructive feedback.

Perfect for Hybrid Working can be accessed anywhere there's an internet connection, on mobile or desktop.

Request Your Employee's Rate Their Day has been designed to allow leadership to monitor staff morale quickly and easily. provides the list of employees that report directly to each leader, who then select which employees to send the request to and can schedule when this is sent.

Those Employees will then receive a prompt to anonymously submit their daily morale allowing the leader to view the responses and identify trends.

Employees Respond Anonymously

When the employees receive the prompt, they will be asked submit the emoticon that best represents their current mood - Very Happy, Happy, Neutral, Sad or Angry. There is also the option to send a comment, allowing employees to elaborate on their response.

All of the ratings and comments are anonymous, allowing employees to speak honestly without fear of reprimand.

Leadership Receive a Breakdown of Results

Employee feedback is presented to leadership in a graph format, allowing them to gain an understanding of employee morale at a glance. Leadership can also explore different date periods, allowing them to monitor how morale has trended over a period of time.

This provides leadership with a strong understanding of how employees are feeling, and allows them to identify potential trends.

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Free Trial Built for Microsoft Teams

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